prices WILL vary.


Generally, $100-$200 per hour is the standard rate depending on gig, requirements, and location`

For Corporate pricing,  please contact  management.

Performance fees only guarantee DJ will bring laptop, library of music, and personal backpack

Corporate Bookings come at all-inclusive rates (DJ Equipment, Speakers, etc)


DJ Equipment - DJ Controllers, Mixers, Turntables come at an additional rate of 100-250 depending on selection. Turntables & Mixer being the $250 option. 

Sound Package - Determining the size of your party/event will determine the appropriate sound package, generally priced from $100-$500.

Turntables and Mixer are less common and now-days more expensive for rental fees due to the "antique" vibe they provide.


Choose from a set of sound packages that will ensure your crowd can properly hear all music. Generally $500 will cover a radius of 1,000-2,000 persons; depending on venue specifications

artist booking

Using Inside Connections, DJ Big Will is able to get you in touch with any artist you want to book. Please provide a date, time, venue and retainer for him to secure services. There is a 10%-15% commission associated with bookings, used to pay out those in connection with contract execution.

Artist Big Will has worked with: DJ Thomas Jack, Thievery Corp, Snoop Dogg, Drake, Wiz Khalifa, Future, Jason Derulo, Travis Scott, and many more.


Social media campaign

Using Social Media to Create a Buzz - Experienced user in social media, all together BigWill has approximately 60,000 followers available and can advise/execute strategies to turn out similar results for others.

Inquire for social media pricing, as one service is consultation based, the other is execution based. Will require a budget, there are many mediums and programs that will make your social media experience better.

BRANDING, Marketing & Promotion

Consultation - Can provide valuable consultation for marketing services and a general approach on how to best captivate an niche crowd to a desired action.

Execution - Can direct, lead, and/or advise a team towards a particular action and the climate in which the direction towards success lies.